Monitor Riser Stand with Type C HUB

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Fast data transfer and charging capability: 3 USB ports to 3.0 Standard 5gbs transfer rate (10x faster than USB 2.0) and 1 dedicated USB Type-C port.
Ultimate convenience: The stand simplifies and organizes your desk, while maintaining a clean, functional style. The 380mm width compact space underneath allows you to store your keyboard, mouse and other essentials. The USB hub can also be unscrewed and attached either side.
Ergonomic design: The Aluminum Monitor Stand raises your monitor by 5cm for maximum comfort, reducing eye and neck strain, and promoting good posture.
Universal design with Type-C support: The Type-C connection is compatible with the latest iMac, MacBook, Google Chromebook, Google Pixel, iPhone and other Type-C devices. Strong aluminum alloy can support a large variety of devices including a computer monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, printer, and other devices. Max weight bearing 31 lbs with stabilisers to ensure secure desk placement. Stand dimensions: Width 400mm x Height 44mm x Depth 210mm
Designed for Macs: Premium aluminium alloy stylishly compliments Apple computers and products such as Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks
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Product description

Perhaps you are the kind of person who desires perfection. Perhaps you long for an object that seamlessly integrates into your living space; with a kind of finish that allows your fingers to lightly brush over sleek, refined aluminium.

Perhaps you are also the kind of person who desires performance, which means you strive for results: For easy access to your USB ports, with additional ports to connect all your devices, fast data transfer speeds that use the latest technologies, and superior, long-lasting build quality.

And if you are - Then are you also the kind of person who, above all else, desires protection? Protection of your device, and protection of yourself...?

Then this - Is the Desire2 View My Screen At Home USB Type-C Universal Monitor Riser Stand presented in sleek, refined aluminium.

With 3 USB ports to 3.0 certified standard (10 times faster than USB 2.0), 1 dedicated USB Type-C port providing fast data transfer, charging capability and additional easy to access ports in a convenient hub design that can easily be unscrewed and placed on either side of the stand, and an ergonomically designed 5cm of elevation providing you ultimate viewing comfort with a 380mm width compact space underneath for desk management, the Desire2 View My Screen At Home USB Type-C Universal Monitor Riser Stand could be your ultimate object of desire.

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