We are a new, innovative consumer electronics brand with a very simple premise: Basic human needs.

Applying the concept of desire and human motivation across consumer electronics gives our extensive range a unique twist through purposefully calling out the true benefit to the consumer. Thus, our protection category simply becomes the following of a desire to preserve a device, audio a desire to listen to music; each forming the foundations of our ranges 'Preserve' and 'Listen' respectively amongst many others.

We're passionate about innovation, and driven by our founding principles: Perfection, performance, and protection. It's why we as a company take great care in selecting the finest quality materials for our products, and why we invest heavily in ensuring that they come with the latest, fastest, and safest technologies in the world right now.

Our dedication to customers ensures that we not only provide industry-leading warranty, or extensive device safety measures, but also allows us to target accessories that provide long-term health benefits to the customer. Whether to improve posture through height-adjustable monitor risers that alleviate back pains later in life, or reduce eye strain with anti-blue light screen protectors, the principles of ergonomics lie at the very heart of our brand values.

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