USB-C is the latest form of USB connection technology.

For the first time ever, USB-C provides power supply, data transfer and video display through one single connection. Compatible with the next generation of computers, tablets and smartphones, USB-C will soon become the main way we connect to our devices.

USB-C Supported devices:

Apple MacBook (2015+)
Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015+)
Nokia N1 Tablet
OnePlus 2
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6P

USB Power Delivery is able to provide sufficient power to multiple devices.

This new USB specification (known as “PD” for short) is able to provide sufficient power to multiple devices, and allow data transfer at the same time. It’s also more advanced inseveral ways:

Two-way power: With USB PD, the direction of power is no longer fixed. Previously, USB cables could only provide power in one direction, but with PD, power can now flow in both

Optimal power: PD also optimizes the amount of power consumed or provided. “Consumers” (such as phones and tablets) only request the power they need, while “Providers” (such as chargers) only supply the power available.

More than power: In addition to power and data, PD also provides “Alternate Modes” such as DisplayPort. This enables audio and video to be transmitted via the same connection you use for power supply or data transfer. 

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